Travel to Salvador, Bahia with
Master Afro-Brazilian percussionist Dendê Macêdo

Travel to Salvador, Bahia
with master Afro-Brazilian percussionist Dendê Macêdo
Dates: June 22nd – July 6, 2024 (one or two-week sessions available)

Join master Afro-Brazilian percussionist on a journey to the cradle of Afro-Brazilian culture, Salvador, Bahia. Over one or two weeks, spend your days studying intensively with Dendê Macêdo and other guest master teaching artists, enjoying the beaches and Afro-Brazilian cuisine. Spend your nights taking in shows of bands like Olodum, Ilê Aiyê and Dendê’s alma mater, Timbalada. Attend a Candomblé ceremony during the Festa do Caboclo, visit the city of Cachoeira, and perform together with Samba Fogueirão during the Festa de São João!

Register now by clicking the link below. Rates include hotel stay and daily ground transportation. Alternate packages are available.

Pricing: $1250 for one week, $2000 for two.  Pricing is based on double occupancy and does not include airfare or meals. Payments can be made via Square or check.

Testimonials from previous years:

The trip / workshop organized by Mamadele Productions and led by Mestre Dendê is a unique opportunity to learn about Brazilian culture, the origins of Brazilian afro-beats and engage with top percussion instructors from Salvador. There is something for beginners to seasoned drummers. As a Brazilian native I can tell you that it was a cultural experience that few Brazilians will ever have an opportunity to partake in such a short time frame. Salvador is a beautiful city with a long history. Dendê is amazing in weaving the history of the city with the history of the music we hear today. He connects the dots from the Candomblé houses started by slaves brought from Africa to contemporary beats heard in the streets and clubs of Salvador.