Recycled Sounds

Recycled Sounds is a project that developed out of world renowned percussionist Dendê Macêdo’s interest in making instruments out of found materials. Over the years he has created a trove of instruments including a bucket shekere, a golf club berimbau, a tire drum, and a trash can snare drum that was incorporated into a line of instruments manufactured by Latin Percussion.

Dendê began recording himself playing his instruments and ultimately began working with a loop pedal which enabled him to record short pieces of each instrument that would cycle, enabling him to layer each of the instruments while performing live.

The obvious connection to sustainable practice was an element that he began to incorporate into his performances in order to be able to transmit an important message about our environment. The conduit for this message is a innovative performance on a collection of unconventional instruments that make distinctive, percussive sounds.

Handmade Instruments Available for Sale