Arrãstao do Dendê

Afro-Brazilian Samba Percussion & Dance Troupe

In Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, an arrastão is a group of percussionists that parades during Carnaval and other street parties. They play traditional Afro-Brazilian rhythms on timbals, surdos, baqurinhas and occasionally trumpets and trombones.The Arrastão do Dendê was formed in 2000 by Dendê, an Afro-Brazilian percussionist from Bahia. Having been a long-time member of the band Timbalada, Dendê has peformed extensively throughout Brazil, Asia, Europe and the US.

His arrastão performs traditional Afro-Brazilian rhythms as well as his own. With members from Brazil as well as many other countries from around the world, the group can be accompanied by singers and dancers. They have been featured in performances all over New York including the Copacabana, BAMCafe, SOBs, Galapagos, Walker Stage and New York City’s Halloween Parade.

“If this performance from the Afro-Brazilian percussion and dance troupe doesn’t get you tapping your feet, your feet have been glued to the floor and you should look into that.”

– Rachel Vigoda, Philly Magazine